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Stashally is a place for the topics that interest you and the things you love. Discover and create inspirational, informative content. Post your latest shopping tips, favourite products, travel experiences, food reviews, interesting finds and more.
Engage with Groups and Chat
Join or create groups based on your interests. Follow or comment on other user’s posts and contribute your knowledge to the discussion! There’s also an option to turn your groups and posts private.
Build your own Stash of Recommendations and Experiences
Create listicles and collections, add multiple descriptions for each individual image, and create tags within each photo itself to highlight greater detail.
You can also tag locations, add multiple web links and share your posts and articles via Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook.
Emoticons and Badges
Have fun! We built a custom emoticon and badge system to promote engagement and reward outstanding content. Ask questions and share your knowledge in group chat, or comment on other’s posts. Good vibes only.
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