Getting Started on Stashally
On stashally, you can engage with groups of like-minded members and create great looking recommendations, reviews and articles. We hope to build a social platform with content that is,


Help us build a community of inclusion, knowledge sharing, kindness, and good vibes only. Hate groups or abusive speech have no place here. Differing opinions and viewpoints are welcome so long as the conversation is kept civil and constructive.
Content Types - Hey, Whats Good?
We built this platform to help everyone discover and easily share whats good around them. Find and share the things that make you interested, entertained, or excited. Engage via comments in the posts or group chat.

Our content types for recommendations, reviews and interesting finds range from categories that include (but are not limited to)

, Shopping / Style Recommendations
Lifestyle Reviews
Fitness / Health Recommendations
TV Shows, Movies, Books
News and Current Affairs
Interesting / Entertaining Articles or Content
About Us
Launched in 2020 and headquarted in Singapore, Stashally is a social platform for groups, recommendations and experiences. Be inspired, get engaged, and join us on our misson to discover and share the good things in life.
Please note our app and website are currently in BETA. If there are any bugs or load issues please try restarting the app or clearing your browser cache (we sincerely apologise). We love feedback, to connect with the team, please email [email protected]

Above all, have fun!
Fun Facts
Stashally is pronounced sta-sha-lly
Our mascot is called Penny the Penguin
Our team speaks 10 languages (we come from across South East Asia)
Our number 1 phrase in the office “Whats good?” followed by “How much?” :)